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As you've gathered, I'm Jordan, I'm a classic film inspired photographer. What does that mean you may be wondering... It means that I am inspired by the soft focus that film can bring in images. I'm inspired by bright & airy editing, Where your skin tone stays true to life just as much as the colors around you! I want life to be highlighted in a real & authentic way to what you see during your photoshoot. I want your images to feel timeless & romantic. 

I've been doing photography since 2011. I found a passion for it right out of high school and have pursued it in different avenues since! 
Over the last 10 years or so, I've perfected the experience that I offer my clients. I want to offer a hands on experience if my clients desire that, which is why I only take on so many weddings a year, and rarely take double header weekends. I want every client to have the best experience with me, and get the best of me every time you work with me.

When I'm not working, you can find me hanging out with loved ones, thrifting, reading about the enneagram, or dreaming about my next trip out to the desert or tropics!

A little about me

I always had a camera in my hand growing up, and by college age it became clear that photography was going to be the path that I was going to embark on! 
For the next few years I dappled in photography classes, working for a studio and taking clients on my own, where I quickly learned my style, what I wanted to offer, and what I didn't haha

I learned that I wanted every human that stood in front of my lens to leave feeling confident, beautiful and heard. I wanted to create a space where you can come just as you are, and that is more than enough. 

I learned I want the images that I create for my clients to be timeless. What does that mean though?
It means I want you to be able to look back in 30 years and NOT think your photos look outdated because of the editing style. I want the photos to look like they haven't aged a day.

I also want to make sure we get those classic shots for grandma, while also getting photos that feel authentically you with a little side of vogue! 
I'll focus on your details and make sure to highlight all those details that make your day unique and special! 

Some day you'll be able to look back on your day and relive every timeless detail of your day



My alter ego would be living out west, owning a cattle ranch, and living life on the back of a horse. 
However....since that's obv not my life, I take every opportunity I can to get out west!
One Of my passions for the last few years has been understanding the Enneagram in full. Not just my number but all the numbers. The amount that this has helped to understand those around me is beyond words! 
I believe it's such an invaluable tool that should be used responsibly 



I love any opportunity to do get to put either of these into practice, especially when at the same time I get to have a camera in my hand! 

So let me be your travel buddy, capturing all your memories, as we dive deep into chatting all things Enneagram!  

Every photographer has THOSE places that make their creative hearts flutter at the thought of photographing in... Doesn't make other locations any less special.
But as a creative, you're inspired by certain things, and this is where I'm going to list those places that make my heart flutter at the thought of creating in them!
Some are close to home and others are a travel destination. 
If any of these states sound like somewhere you'd like your photos, reach out, because I offer special pricing for all these locations! And although I list some location options for each state, that doesn't mean other locations are off the table! 

Bucket list

bucket list

Utah- Zion NP, Bryce Canyon NP, Arches NP

Wyoming- Yellowstone NP, Yellowstone Lake, Grand Canyon of Yellowstone

Arizona- Sedona, Vermilion Cliffs National Monument, Grand Canyon, Flagstaff, Monument Valley, Lake Powell

Montana- Yellowstone NP, Lamar Valley, Libby

Colorado- Aspen, Boulder, Great Sand Dunes NP, Grand Junction

Texas- Big Bend NP, Waco, Houston 

Florida- Destin, Amelia Island, Key West, Sanibel

I pride myself in being able to offer support to my clients throughout the whole process from the first inquiry all the way until the final goodbye. I want you to feel like a friend and be treated with kindness & understanding. Because when you're comfortable that means the best you shines through the camera!

my philosophy

The Nicolaes | WEDDING

"Omg Jordan.. I’m speechless. 
I can’t even put my feelings into words
Your photos take me back to that day, time and moments 
Thank you so incredibly much I just don’t even have the words right now I just have been crying they’re so perfect"

Shannon Druck | BOUDOIR

"Had a wonderful experience shooting with Jordan! She was so kind and professional and had the best space. She makes you feel truly beautiful! 10/10 recommend!"

Ashlee & Gordon | COUPLE

"That was so much fun! You were excellent, we were nervous and didn’t know what to expect, you immediately put us at ease!!! We are so happy and grateful for today!"

Madison | BOUDOIR

There were moments where I was kinda doubting myself or questioning in my head how I was looking and without me saying a word to her, she could pick up on that and totally changed it! She is so uplifting and I just am so happy with the photos and the whole experience together.


Family and friends are my world. I may be an enneagram 9, however if there is ever a choice of staying in, or spending time with those I love, I choose them every time. 
I have a passion for understanding those around me as best as I can, and strive to continue to learn how to love them the best as I can,

My husband and I own a house in Lancaster County where we spend our summers by the pool and as must time in the sun as possible. We have a Bengal cat named Kihei who was my wedding gift from Zach, and last year we got a Husky/Golden Retriever mix named Koa. Both are named after a town in Maui and a tree that grows there. Maui holds a special place in our hearts because we honeymooned there in 2017.
We have many dreams for the future and are grateful to have each other to walk through life together

my everything

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