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October 30, 2018

Our Story

Our Story

photo by Addie Eshelman Photography

We officially met each other at a friend’s 21st birthday in February of 2014. It’s so weird to say that because it doesn’t feel that long ago, but it really is! We were both shy towards each other that night and I’m not sure we said one word to each other haha. But then I followed him on Twitter, and the whole world opened up! So I guess you could say Twitter was the deal sealer…oh that 21st century love haha

Pretty much after that day we just continued to choose each other and slowly became each other’s best friend till we knew that this is what we wanted in life. Life together.

We dated for about 2 1/2 years, and then one day Zach agreed to go to my new favorite place at the time, The White Cliffs of Conoy, and asked if my friend Janna wanted to come along (which was not uncommon for her to meet up with us for a fun adventure). So that day the 3 of us headed to the cliffs, it was a hot and sunny day and I remember being so hot on the walk to them and thinking man I don’t know if it’s worth it haha But little did I know it was SO worth it.

When we got there we were the only ones there and I showed them all around it and we hiked down to a shady spot that was good for photos cause I wanted a photo with Zach and as we are posing for the photo that Janna was taking, Zach proceeded to get down on one knee and ask me to be his forever best friend! Let’s just say the photos are worth a thousand words!

September 8th 2017 was my second favorite day of my life so far.


Photo by Janna mae


September 9th 2018 definitely took the cake literally and figuratively, our wedding day. I didn’t know that a day could feel so perfect until that day.

From start to finish I was in a state of pure bliss and happiness. I can honestly say there is not much that I would have ever thought about changing about that day.

My dream was to design our day to completely and utterly reflect who we are as a couple in a very stylized way (more to come on some tips and tricks on that on my next blog post!). I was determined to not have regrets about the day and made it a goal of mine for it to be authentic to us.

The day started with a beautiful morning with my bridesmaids and family as we all got ready.

Zach and I decided that we were going to do a first look (which I definitely recommend doing!) and we were both so glad that we did! It was nice to have that moment together before the hustle of the day.

After the first look we got to go back to my grandparents property (where we were having the wedding) and hang out with all our bridal party and family together. The happiness that surrounded that room is something I’ll cherish forever.

We did a smaller ceremony with a larger guest list reception (which I will explain more on the next blog post!). I walked down to the Jurassic Park theme song on piano (my favorite movie) and we walked out of our ceremony married to the song in Star Wars during the ceremony (my dad’s tribute)! We didn’t intentionally do a movie theme for our music for the ceremony but it all worked out that way!

After the ceremony we waited to greet the rest of our guests who were arriving for the reception, and did our best to enjoy it along side everyone (which if you’ve gotten married you know how hard it can be to actually enjoy your reception with your guests!). But that was something that was extremely important to us so we did throw out a lot of traditions to give us the freedom and time to actually participate in all the things that we had set up for our friends and family!

Our reception was full of love, laughter and FUN and it was a complete blast (if I do say so myself! haha).

I am forever grateful to everyone that helped make this milestone a reality, and for all the love and support that was shown to Zach and I over the year of planning! It would have never been as full in every way if not for all our loved ones and the amazing vendors who were apart of it all!

Our vendor list- Because I believe with every ounce of my being in supporting as many local businesses and creatives as possible! So here’s a little shout out to everyone!

Photographer- Addie Eshelman Photography

Florist- Splints & Daisies

Makeup- Kara Hess

Hair- Julie Annalise

Caterer- Mission BBQ,

Dessert- Half Dozen Cafe

Jewelry designer- Me

Wedding planner- Me up until the day, then Stephanie Kicera is my stylist and Solange White is my go to girl. neither have websites but both are willing to work freelance.

Invitations- Brittney Hippensteel

Venue(s)- Grandparents Farm- Beau Geste Farm

Macrame- Ropes and Roses

Rentals- Keiser Rental CoVintage Dames Rentals, Stray Production Services, and Buckwalter Rentals, Jim White

Calligraphy- Brielle Yoder

Cake- Cherise Harper

DJ- Elite Entertainment

Enjoy a few snaps from our day! Addie was amazing to work with and she captured this dream of mine perfectly!

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